Minneapolis Cider Tours – Best Cider Bar Tours in Minneapolis
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Minneapolis Cider Tours

Get ready for more adventure with Hoppy Trolley’s cider tours! Perfect for family reunions or a fun night out with friends, we’ll take you to the best locations around the Northeast District to taste some delicious, hand-crafted ciders that will make you feel like fall is just around the corner.


How Our Minneapolis Cider Tours Work

Our cider tours are a special add-on you can combine with any of our private or corporate Northeast Brewery tours. You have the option of choosing one brewery and two cider venues; two breweries and one cider venue; or one brewery, one cider venue, and one distillery. Now, that’s a lot of variety! We recommend this last option, if you’re looking to explore all the awesome spots in Northeast or if any members of your party are interested in experiencing more than the local beer scene.

When you combine your Northeast cider tour with a brewery or distillery, you can choose between a variety of cider mills, such as Sociable Cider Works, Number 12 Cider, and more. Each location offers fresh ingredients, great taste, and cozy settings to spend time with friends and family.


Minneapolis Cider Tours FAQs

Whether you choose a private or corporate beer tour and decide to add a cider tour in the mix, you can expect the following accommodations:

  •      One or two busses (as needed) for you and your guests. Each bus holds approximately 14 people, giving you 28 available seats total
  •      Easy pickup/drop off at Ombibulous
  •      Three-hour tour to stop at three different destinations (with one or two drinks at each spot, depending on the time)
  •      An experienced adventure tour guide
  •      Beer-paired dinner or activities for guests (contact Hoppy Trolley to learn more about this exciting group feature!)


How Can I Book a Minneapolis Cider Tour?

Booking a Northeast brewery tour or combination tour is quick and easy. You can either book online or contact us to learn more about our combination option to add a cider tour or distillery tour to your Hoppy Trolley adventure. If you’ve got another Northeast cider stop on your mind, we’d love to hear about it! Send us a text and tell us what you think!

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